After the Winter Rains


A Painting From a Photo

From The Group of Images and Words found at Flickr Comes This wonderful theme.

Images And Words ~ 177 ~ Make Your Own Painting

Thanking Anders This Week For a Terrific theme to get the creative juices flowing.
Make Your Own Painting.
I took my photo into PicMonkey for the switch and framed and added text there too.
My Painting is Titled
Sweet Alice.

Ode To Spring



In Praise of Spring

Winter bare every where

Cold and bleak

 A good time to think

Read a book

Take a walk by a babbling brook

Grey skies, heavy rain

Stiff joints and some pain

Hearty food and drinks by the fire

Winter brought it’s blessings, beside the mire

September Sun now shines on me

Spring has Sprung and I can be

Warmed and filled with renewed Zest

And my Garden will be at it’s Very Best.




Welcome To My World of Evoking the Senses Photography and Musings.




” Creeping Quietly so as not to startle the locals I was taken aback by the beauty of my surrounds in this off the beaten track area of a local national park. The small native trees giving a welcome shelter from the hot sun for the Macropus giganteus other wise known as the Forester or Eastern Grey Kangaroo.”

With so much to see from the panoramic vistas visible from all directions, I intend to take another walk through this natural area very soon. With camera in hand of course!